31 Days of Horror – Day 6!




So, WordPress is working again so here’s the ol’ blog post I know you all love so much.

I love sequels. I’ll say it. I mean I wish we had more original ideas than sequels or remakes, but when I like something, I want to see more of it, generally. Certain movies, books, whatever don’t NEED sequels. But sometimes it’s just great to see the characters you love come back and go on new adventures. So, without further ado, my thoughts on Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers.

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers
Directed By: Michael A. Simpson
Written By: Fritz Gordon

Sleepaway Camp is about a girl who kills a bunch of fellow campers. Sleepaway Camp II is about that girl, fresh out of the asylum, as a camp counselor now, who kills campers that she feels don’t comply with her puritanical moral code.

Now, this movie (unlike the first one… I think) is meant to satirize these types of movies, including the first Sleepaway Camp. The main problem here is that this movie, while sporadically funny, isn’t really all that funny. The humor definitely grew on me the more I thought about it, but there are many slashers that are, intentionally or not, a lot funnier than this (Blood Rage comes to mind, one of my all-time favorite slashers). So I guess this movie DID satirize the horror movies, just not enough I guess.


That’s not to say there weren’t funny parts. There definitely were. And the gore was there, although I could have used a bit more. It’s just that the movie was a little too slow to really drive the satire home. Pamela Springsteen was excellent as the almost nun-like, cheerful counselor on an insane killing spree.

Again, it has all the essential slasher tropes, and skewers them well. It’s overall a fun movie. Unfortunately however, the movie wastes too much time doing what feels like almost nothing. I’m really not sure exactly why the movie didn’t work. It just didn’t. I recommend if you’re drunk and with friends. It’s fun enough for that.


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