TOP 50 OF 2014 (DAY 2 – 40-31)


Hello everyone here we are on Day 2! The list so far:
50. The Interview
49. The Infinite Man
48. Pride
47. Rosewater
46. Top Five
45. Blue Ruin
44. The Theory of Everything
43. Still Alice
42. Cold in July
41. Wild
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THE TOP 50 MOVIES OF 2014 (DAY ONE 50-41)



Hello everyone I’m so excited to present you my Top 50 of 2014. This year I’m doing 10 per day so that I can really focus on each individual movie. After it’s over, I’m going to do a few honorable mentions, because let me tell you. I watched 119 movies from this year (and I admit, I missed a few, including A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night which, from what I can tell, probably would have made the Top 20) so it was really difficult to pick from them.
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Post-Oscars Follow-Up



Wow. It may mean very little now, but after I saw Birdman in theaters, I said it would win. Believe me, don’t, I don’t care. I know what I said. I have also said on multiple occasions that it is my favorite film of the year (spoiler for my upcoming top 50 list), so I’m VERY happy about this win. I started watching the Oscars back in 2003, Billy Crystal hosted and Return of the King won. I was amazed. I thought “Hey! They are right! That IS the Best Picture!”
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Academy Awards 2015: My predictions



Oh man guys. Here we are. We’re finally at the Oscars. I have been waiting all year for this. I have to say, I love the Oscars. I know they have their issues (lack of ethnic diversity, ignorance of more independent films, THE LEGO MOVIE ugh), but I am overall pretty satisfied with the crop of nominations this year.

The Nominees:
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