The Academy Awards – Nominations commentary



Ohhhhh man the nominees are out officially! There are some surprises and some snubs, as always! Unfortunately, this is not my PREDICTIONS, those will come a bit later (but I promise they will come before the day before the Oscars this year, I’m actually VERY close). This, my dear readers, is my commentary on the nominations. A place where I can provide to you my opinions on the nominations. You know, what surprised, what disappointed, etc. I’m going to be posting a category at a time every day for the next however many days it takes. I’m not going to cover Documentary or Foreign, as I have seen only one movie between both award categories. I’m also not going to cover the shorts because where I live it really is impossible to ever see them. And finally, I won’t be covering the sound awards because I don’t know too much about them. Today I’ll probably try to cover visual effects, production design, costume, cinematography, and makeup & hairstyling. Anyway enough with the pleasantries and onto the pedantry!
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