31 Days of Horror! – Day 26


We’re winding down. But that also means we’re getting closer to Halloween, which is exciting. So I guess it’s more like we’re actually winding up. I guess.

Fender Bender
Directed by Mark Pavia
Written by Mark Pavia

Fender Bender is the first movie produced by Shout! Factory (who owns Scream! Factory, who produces high-quality blu ray transfers of classic horror movies and some thrillers) and ChillerTV. It is intended to be a throwback to classic horror slashers of the 80s.

You know… Just like pretty much every modern indie slasher of the last 5 years.

And of this slasher revolution, some are great and others are not great. This one is somewhere in between. It’s kind of generic, but it has a cool villain (The Driver, played by Bill Sage from We Are What We Are and American Psycho) and a reasonably compelling female lead (Hilary, played by Makenzie Vega, sister to Spy Kids‘ Alexa PenaVega and who was also apparently in Saw).


One thing that I thought was odd about this movie is that the supporting characters were actually kind of likable. Hilary’s friends weren’t overly obnoxious and seemed like good friends. Their deaths actually were kind of sad. I hate that. I want to be joyous at the killing of annoying teens, like in every Friday the 13th movie. Sure one character is annoying and gets killed, but his death wasn’t that interesting. And therein lies the problem in this film.

The Driver is a cool villain. But he doesn’t kill in very interesting ways. Literally every character that dies gets stabbed. But not in a cool creepy Michael Myers way. The Driver literally just walks up and stabs all the teens. Sometimes a couple times. One character is run over, but it happens offscreen. The only thing that’s cool about The Driver is how creepy he is before and after the actual murder part and his mask. Bill Sage does a great job. The death just isn’t very visually interesting. And before you’re like “ew, Will you’re morbid” THE DEATHS ARE THE POINT IT’S A “SLASHER” movie. He kind of slashes a few times but it’s all stab. What happened to Michael Myers impaling people to doors? What happened to Jason tying someone’s sleeping bag closed and smacking them into a tree until they stop wriggling? Oh the good ol’ days…

The movie was still decent. Worth a watch if you’re a slasher fan, and it’s pretty cool that Shout! produced it. I think they could really put out something great as long as they go for multiple types of horror.


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