31 Days of Horror – Day 23!


Today I’m talking about horror TV. This miniseries ran on Channel 4 in the UK in 2008. It’s a TV series, but it’s super short, coming in at around two and a half hours. So it’s basically a movie.

Dead Set (2008)
Directed by Yann Demange
Written by Chralie Brooker

Dead Set is about zombies attacking the Big Brother house, and the cast and crew trying to survive. That’s it basically. I mean there’s a plot (a damn good one) that’s heavily inspired by Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. And it has a lot in common with it and the remake. All in good ways. It’s a really great, fun series written by Charlie Brooker, who created the incredible series Black Mirror.


The thing that makes Dead Set great is the writing. The characters are very well-developed. The members of the cast seem, through the entire zombie situation, like the typical idiots on reality television. They interact in all the same ways that they generally would on the show Big Brother (which I am no expert on) even while surrounded by zombies. And while that sometimes creates solid comedy, it actually mostly make for some pretty solid, serious drama. The concept of reality show contestants all trying to be the one that makes it really works for a zombie film.

It’s on Netflix, and you can kill it in an afternoon (like I did). It’s definitely worth it. Especially if you like zombies, Dawn of the Dead, and/or Black Mirror.

And if you haven’t seen Black Mirror, I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s not so much horror as sci-fi, but it’s pretty frightening sometimes. It’s basically the modern Twilight Zone.


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