31 Days of Horror – Day 20!



I love werewolf movies. The good ones are so fun. Any kind of horror movie that involves some horrible transformation is really fun to me. The visuals, the general sense of campiness, they’re usually so great. This is not going to go down in history as the greatest werewolf movie of all time, but it’s solid nonetheless.

Howl (2015)
Directed by Paul Hyett
Written by Mark Huckerby and Nick Ostler

This is a movie directed by Paul Hyett, who worked in the make-up department on movies like The Descent and Dog Soldiers. So now he’s directed his own horror movie, and it’s called Howl, and it’s about werewolves on a train.

The entire concept is that we have a group of individuals on a train and the train breaks down and a werewolf attacks and bites a couple of people. The survivors band together to fight the werewolf. Then there are more of them, etc. you know how it works.


The idea of the whole thing (or most of it, anyway) taking place on a train is pretty cool. Makes for some very claustrophobic scenes. But the real joy of watching this movie is the creature effects and gore. Now, the gore is on point. The creature effects however, are a range. MOST of the werewolves are GREAT. Most. The first werewolf, however, is awful in my opinion. He’s too big and buff, and they do this weird CGI on his face (that they don’t do for the others) for NO REASON that ONLY makes him look dumb and cartoony. Because the CGI is not good. It is bad CGI layered on top of some solid make-up effects. But again, the rest of the werewolves are pretty solid. They’re much more human than wolf here, which is cool because they look disgusting.

Anyway, if you want to watch a fun, British indie werewolf movie, I definitely recommend Howl. It’s a really good B-movie. Pretty solid acting, fun characters, overall solid creature effects, and some great gore. It’s on Hulu.


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