31 Days of Horror – Day 16!



Hey guys, sorry I’m late again. Today is the day I get caught up though! I swear. Like it’s almost guaranteed. Anyway, there’s a new movie coming out called Ouija: Origin of Evil and it’s directed by Mike Flanagan, who I LOVE. He made Oculus and Hush and Absentia and the upcoming Before I Wake that is starting to seem like it will never come out. Which sucks. Anyway it’s technically a prequel to this movie but probably will have little-to-nothing to do with it.


Directed by Stiles White
Written by Juliet Snowden, Stiles White

So this is the directorial debut of FAMED SCREENWRITER STILES WHITE of THE PROUD FAMILY MOVIE fame.

Lol. Sorry.

Anyway this movie, just to kind of skip ahead, is incoherent trash. It’s about a girl who hangs herself via christmas lights (pictured below) and now her friends are like “oh god we need to find out wha happun” and so they go to her house where she died which somehow qualifies as a graveyard which is where you are not supposed to use a ouija board and os then the friends all get possessed and killed by some old lady or her daughter and something about mouths being sewn shut and I just found this movie difficult to pay attention to because it was terrible.


Anyway it was bad because the acting was bad. And also because the writing was bad. And also because the cinematography, directing, entire concept, and everything about it was bad and it was just not a good movie. There were parts that were unintentionally funny, but I was hoping there would be more of that. It was mostly boring, unfortunately. Not so bad it’s good. Just so bad it’s boring.

However, the new one actually looks pretty fun and good so I’m excited for that.


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