31 Days of Horror – Day 11!


OK guys. It’s time for me to be honest with you. I did not watch this movie today. I did not watch it yesterday either. I watched it about a month ago. I know. But I didn’t have time to watch any movies today, because of my 3-hour film class (watched Far From Heaven, absolutely fantastic, not a horror movie) and the Overwatch Halloween update. I may watch one tonight, but I will write about that tomorrow.

#Horror (2015)
Directed by Tara Subkoff
Written by Tara Subkoff

This movie is about a series of murders that have taken place outside of a super fancy house in the snowy woods. It’s also about a bunch of whiny, horrible little girls having a party. It’s actually mostly about these horrible little girls.Chloë Sevigny , Timothy Hutton, Taryn Manning, and Natasha Lyonne were in it, god knows why. I guess they were just bored.

Anyway this movie was terrible. If I had watched it in 2015, it would have been on my worst movies of 2015 blog posting from earlier this year. It was not at all scary, had barely any gore, wasn’t interesting, and the whole thing was just grossly pretentious. It was complete style over substance, and the style was horrible. It tired ot be sleek and modern and “trendy” and it was really just boring and uninteresting. And when it wasn’t those, it was annoying.

I’d say I was annoyed by about 90% of the movie. There were random graphics, but it was mostly just 12 year old girls arguing and being incredibly abusive to one another. If this is even a horror movie at all, then I suppose it’s the horrors of being a teenage girl or having a teenage daughter, but no girl I knew when I was a teenager acted this way. This was an absurly over the top depiction of interpersonal teenage girl relationships. And not over the top in a good way.

I mean. Shit. Just look at the title. I don’t really know what I was expecting. I thought it would be funnier. Like cheesy, trashy, etc. Nope. It was just annoying. And it was SO annoying. And boring. Just a terrible, bad, forgettable movie. Hated it. Don’t see it. Trash. Oh here’s another picture of Chloë Sevigny completely slumming it.


Yeah me too.


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