Only a few days left now. The home stretch. Only a few more days until I can finally start watching movies from other genres. Actually, throughout November, I plan on watching all of the “Will! You haven’t seen ____ ?!” movies that I hear about so frequently. Yeah, I know I “claim” to love movies. But when you’ve seen over 2,000 movies, some slip through the cracks. Some huge classics, some smaller popular films. That being said, I might make a few posts here and there throughout the month. Who knows.

Trick R Treat (2009)

Many people refer to Trick R Treat as an anthology movie. And it is. But this anthology movie, unlike other horror anthologies I’ve seen, features a nonlinear narrative going in and out of each story, and the way those stories are related. While the stories are all generally self-contained (with one glaring exception), they’re also connected in some way or another.

This reminds me more of Pulp Fiction than, say, V/H/S or The ABCs of Death. So I hesitate to consider this strictly an anthology and more of a series of interrelated, nonlinear stories that cross over. It’s laid out like Pulp Fiction. It doesn’t have the same story connections as Pulp Fiction, but I think by now you either understand where I’m going, or this whole explanation has reached irretrievable levels of complexity.

There are basically 5 stories, but one is just an introduction. That’s about a woman who hates Halloween. It’s short and simple, and gives you an idea of the themes and tone of the overall movie.

The first story is The Principal, and it is about a school principal who is a serial killer. It’s very good. Dylan Baker plays the principal, and he’s amazing at playing the white suburban maniac. He played a character in Todd Solondz’s movie Happiness, which is, in my opinion, one of the most disturbing characters in film history. And he doesn’t even kill people. Great movie by the way, but highly disturbing and uncomfortable. Basically a horror movie that isn’t scary, just extremely uncomfortable (and a little depraved).

The School Bus Massacre Revisited is about a group of kids who go to an abandoned rock quarry where, decades previous, a bus full of special needs children was driven off into the quarry. The kids take Jack-o-Lanterns there as a kind of tribute, and then crazy stuff starts happening.

Surprise Party is about a girl (Anna Paquin from X-Men!) whose sister and friends are pressuring her to lose her virginity, so she goes to the town’s Halloween parade trying to find someone to meet. Meanwhile, at that parade, and man wearing fake fangs kills a woman and no one is the wiser.

Meet Sam is about a curmudgeonly old man who hates Halloween and scares children instead of giving them candy. He’s not a nice guy. Then Sam attacks. Sam is the little guy with the big head that is on the poster. He also shows up in every one of the previous clips. He’s the connecting factor for all of these stories. He uses a variety of great Halloween-themed weapons like a sharpened lollipop and a candy bar with a razor blade in it.

Trick R Treat is great. And when I say great I mean “Why the hell didn’t I see this THE DAY it came out” great. This has entered into EASILY my top 20 favorite horror movies of all time. The stories are excellently-written, acted, and shot. The whole thing is a very unique take on some classic horror themes. And it’s not really a throwback or anything. It’s just a great modern horror movie that knows what makes the classics so good, and stand the test of time.

This is one of my highest recommendations of this year for you, dearest readers. It’s definitely something you will not regret watching. At least, I don’t think so. You COULD be one of those fools who loves to hate good things. I don’t know. But for the rest of you, definitely watch this.



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