Sorry I’m both a day late AND late at night. I have been busy. You know how it is. Anyway I have the previous two days of movies to talk about and we’re in the last week. It’s so sad 😥
But you know what isn’t sad? Halloween. And that’s on Saturday. So get HYPE.

Father’s Day (2011)

I have very little experience with Troma films. The only ones I have seen are Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Cannibal the Musical! (which I love) and Surf Nazis Must Die (which I’m a big fan of). I want (and plan) to see more of their films eventually, so I watched one called Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is from the same people that brought us Manborg, the low-budget sci-fi modern cult film, as well as Lloyd Kaufman’s Troma Entertainment. If you’re unaware, Troma makes sleazy, gory, hypersexual, disgusting, depraved action, sci-fi, and horror movies. They’re very self-aware in their distinct lack of quality in acting and writing. But that’s what makes them so good. Troma movies are well-aware of how bad they are, to the extent that they seem like they’re trying to make the worst movie they can. Sometimes that doesn’t work, but for Troma, it usually does.

Father’s Day is about a man called “The Fuckman” who is a serial killer who kills dads. The movie is hilarious. It’s about a one-eyed vigilante, his sister (a stripper), a male prostitute, and a priest who hunt The Fuckman. That’s really about all there is to the plot.

The movie is disgusting. It’s horrifying and depraved. It’s VERY funny. If you’re of certain sensibilities, the movie has the potential to make you ill, and feel violent anger towards it. However, if you’re like me, the movie will make you joyful, disgusted (in a good way) and you will greatly enjoy it.

It’s very self-referential, almost as though it’s a parody of itself (or at least its genre). Troma movies are usually parodies of Grindhouse movies (in that they take the extremes those films go to and take them so much further they become slapstick).

If you have a high tolerance for disgusting images, very black comedy, and the shameless lengths a movie will go to, then this is for you. However, this movie (and all of Troma’s others) is not for everyone. Hell, it may not even be for most. But I liked it. And if you’re like me, you probably will too.

The Monster Squad (1987)

The Monster Squad is an 80s monster movie (you could say) about a group of kids who love the culture of monsters (movies, folklore, etc.). One day, Dracula, Gill Man, Wolfman, Frankenstein, and The Mummy show up in an attempt to find Abraham Van Helsing’s lost diary, which the Monster Squad managed to get their hands on. So it’s up to the Monster Squad to stop them.

It’s basically The Goonies meet the Universal Monsters. It’s not quite as good as either of those things, but I still really liked it. It’s very cheesy, very 80s campy. It’s understandable that people consider it a cult classic. Stan Winston did the creature effects and make-up, and they were the best part of the movie, especially the Gill Man and Frankenstein. The acting was over-the-top and mediocre, but that’s okay because it’s a fun, campy 80s movie.

I especially liked Tom Noonan’s performance as Frankenstein’s monster. Noonan was also in RoboCop 2 as the bad guy (sorry I’m not more specific. RoboCop is in my top 5 and the sequels are complete garbage) and Manhunter as The Tooth Fairy serial killer. He was great in Manhunter. He was also in the recent 70s throwback horror movie The House of the Devil, and if you haven’t seen that, I highly recommend it.

The Monster Squad, again, is just The Goonies vs Dracula and Friends. It’s campy and fun. If you like The Goonies, the Universal monster movies, and/or campy, fun 80s movies, then I recommend it.



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