We’re entering the final part of October. Nearing the BIG DAY (Halloween). Very exciting everyone is excited and I am also excited yes. I love Japanese horror movies and so there will be a few more in the coming days. I also want to try to get in a few lesser-known classics before the end of the month as well.

Dark Water (2002)

I’m the kind of person who generally thinks that Japanese ghost movies are sometimes better then their american counterparts. Obviously we’ve put out so excellent ghost movies, I’m just saying that, lately, it seems like most US ghost movies have basically just become Paranormal Activity sequels, spin-offs, and knock-offs. It’s all the same.

So I always enjoy watching Japanese horror. There’s always a great blend of creepiness and plot that usually just makes them great movies. A good example of that is Ringu.

So I watched Dark Water, which is about a woman and her 6 year old daughter, and she is fighting for custody of her daughter. They move into an apartment, to find that there is water leaking from the apartment above. That apartment is the former home of a girl that went missing two years before and odd, strange things start happening. Involving water. Dark water. From the ceiling.

It’s pretty spooky, but it is very sad as well. Obviously a missing girl as part of the story is sad, but a lot of the time you find that ghost stories these days don’t have that level of sadness. You don’t really feel bad for the ghost, you’re just scared of it (or you aren’t… looking at you Paranormal Activity franchise). But in a movie like this, the ghost is really sad. Ringu was sad.

That’s something I’m a big fan of. An emotional range in a horror movie just makes sense to me. A great example of a sad horror movie is Friday the 13th. The first two are sad. Then they become trashy. Though they’re all trashy. But in the first two, there is a distinct sadness to them. A mother wants revenge on the camp counselors who allowed her son to drown, and then goes nuts out of grief. It’s KIND OF understandable. Then, the mother gets killed and Jason is back and HE wants revenge because these kids killed his mom. And so HE goes crazy both out of grief and having been dead.

So, sadness and horror go hand-in-hand, but you just don’t really see it so much in pop horror anymore. So that’s why I liked Dark Water. Because it’s scary, but then it flips and is tragic. But still scary. But you’re sad AND scared. Just like the horrors of the real world!

Also apparently there’s a U.S. remake of this with Jennifer Connelly, but I heard it sucked (shock) so I’m not going to watch it. If you’ve seen it, let me know what you thought!

So yeah. I recommend Dark Water.



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