Well, another day, another profoundly disturbing and upsetting horror movie. JUST A DAY IN THE LIFE FOR ME. Now, let me let you guys in on something FUN AND EXCITING. I am officially announcing TWO retrospective articles this year. One franchise, like last year, and one other one that you will find out more about later. ALSO, I will be posting articles about TWO, YES TWO, brand SPANKIN new releases in the next couple of days, so keep your EAR ON THE GROUND for those.

We Are What We Are (2013)

Jim Mickle is a hell of a director. He has only made four movies so far, but he definitely has a fan in me. His first movie, Mulberry St., I have not seen yet. His other three are this movie, post-apocalyptic horror adventure Stake Land (which I talked about last year), and psychological thriller Cold in July (which I also talked about last year, in my Top 50). I should also add that Nick Damici was a co-writer on all of these, and also acted in them. A lot of talent on display in these films. Be on the lookout for Mulberry St. this month (probably).

Anyway this movie is about a devoutly religious man, his wife, two teenage daughters, and very young son. The movie opens with his wife dying. From there, things get a little odd. We find out there have been a number of young girls kidnapped over the years, one of whom was the daughter of the local doctor (Michael Parks). He continues to investigate every day after she went missing. Also the family are cannibals. That’s not really a spoiler, it’s just what the movie is about.

Now I need to tell you about the acting in this movie. Every single person in this movie is talented, but the actors that play the family are fantastic. Julia Garner and Ambyr Childers are incredible as the daughters, and Bill Sage is terrifying as their father. Michael Parks is also amazing, as always. He’s great I’m a big fan of his.

So this movie is really good. I loved it. It’s a little slow in the beginning, but it’s a build-up slow, not a boring slow. It’s phenomenally-acted, phenomenally-written, and it’s unique for the horror genre. It’s not straight horror. It’s almost like a horror drama. Well, not almost. It’s a horror drama. Which is a really cool blend of genres that has absolutely been seen before, but isn’t SO popular anymore.

We Are What We Are is upsetting, excellent, disturbing, suspenseful, and above all, VERY enthralling. This movie sucks you in and holds on to you until it ends. I loved everything about it (except one TINY little thing and I can’t say it here because it’s a little too spoiler-y, so if you have seen the movie, ask me and we can discuss it).

I should also add that it is a remake of the Spanish horror film, Somos lo que hay. I have not seen it (yet) so I can’t compare the two movies. If YOU have seen the original, let me know how they compare!



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