I am here again, to talk to you about horror movies I loved, hated, and felt otherwise unsure about. I enjoy writing these posts and I hope you enjoy reading them. Anyway enough of that HERE IS TODAY’S MOVIE.

Village of the Damned (1960)

Some movies hold up over the years and some movies do not, unfortunately. This movie is the former. 55 years after its initial release, this movie still gives you an uneasy feeling. It’s mysterious, alarming, and sometimes pretty tense. So I really liked it.

It starts off with everybody in this small English village all of a sudden collapsing. The brother of someone who lives there suddenly can’t communicate with his brother anymore, so he goes to the nearby military base and they all investigate. It turns out, anyone who crosses the city limits falls unconscious immediately. They all came to eventually, and found that two months later, around 10 women were suddenly, inexplicably pregnant. When the kids were born they all had weird eyes, blonde hair, and aged rapidly. Everyone was SPOOKED.

So, as I said earlier, this movie still holds up after years. I have not seen John Carpenter’s remake (FORESHADOWING), but I have heard it’s unnecessary. Which, upon seeing the original, I understand. This movie remains somewhat frightening over half a century after its initial release. Which is impressive, considering many horror movies tend not to be able to achieve that. Sure, they’re still enjoyable many years, but due to the changing face of horror and the world around it, things we used to find terrifying are now either funny, simply entertaining, or even worse, not scary and just stupid.

So it’s nice to see such an old movie holding up so well. I recommend this. I have seen neither the sequel nor the remake, but I certainly recommend the original Village of the Damned.



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