Hello ALL today I’m talking about a fun little bizarre j-Horror movie. It reminds me of a fun part in Cabin in the Woods where the business people are talking about horror stuff and he complains that he doesn’t want the Japanese to win this year. It’s a fun joke about how Japanese horror movies are often more frightening than American horror movies (usually true).

Also I’m going to start linking to the imdb pages of the movies I mention so you can find out more information!
Suicide Club (2002)

Suicide Club is a weird movie and I don’t even know if I would really even consider it horror were it not for the abundant amount of gore in it. Now, gore does not necessarily make horror, but there was some genuinely (you could call them) scary moments in this movie.

It’s about the investigation into these strange suicides, which begin with about 50 schoolgirls jumping in front of a moving subway train while hilariously upbeat Japanese instrumental music plays and they cheerfully chant “1, 2, 3” before they jump, all holding hands, only to be brutally destroyed by a subway train. Blood, covered everybody, it sprayed the rest of the people and most visible surfaces on the platform. It was pretty hilarious. Almost entirely because of the amount of gore and the music they were playing, and that would go on to set the tone for the rest of the movie which is playing cheerful music while horrible things are happening.

Another thing about this movie is that there is a surprising amount of musical performances in it. Not only by the in-movie band Dessert whose song “Mail Me” plays constantly throughout the movie, but an evil, villainous character has a full-on musical number. It’s a strange movie. I enjoyed it quite a lot. I especially liked the sheer giddy joy with which this movie took suicide.

Obviously suicide is nothing to be joyful about, I understand that, but in the context of this movie it was pretty funny. Mostly because of the sheer gall it took to portray such a taboo subject in such an almost lighthearted way, but at the same time treating it as the tragedy that it is. It’s a strange balance that I don’t believe any other movie could achieve, but Sion Sono (the director) has dealt with very taboo subjects in a very light way before, as have a lot of great Japanese modern filmmakers (Takashi Miike, for example, made Ichi the Killer, both lighthearted and the goriest movie I’ve ever seen). It seems to be a Japanese type of thing. Americans have dabbled in these ideas (Eli Roth movies, the movie Hobo with a Shotgun), but the Japanese (especially Japanese movies I watch) movies do it a lot. And I like it. Some people will be offended by it but ehhhhh whatever.

I especially liked a scene in the middle, which was a montage of suicides set to another j-pop song by the fictional band Dessert. My favorite is the mother who is chopping some kind of vegetable and continues chopping through her hand with a smile on her face. Probably the best part in the movie.

The movie ends up being highly philosophical towards the end, and it becomes a little confusing. The whole thing is actually pretty confusing, but especially towards the end. That doesn’t really matter, you get the gist the whole time, it’s just that it becomes strangely philosophical towards the end. Which isn’t something I minded.

So, overall, if you consider yourself someone who enjoys a sick sense of humor and want to watch something unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, I highly recommend you watch Sion Sono’s Suicide Club. It is on Hulu.



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