31 DAYS OF HORROR – DAY 11/12 (sorry)


I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to double up on days but you know me I’m just a hard-worker and a social butterfly. So anyway I don’t have a whole lot of content tonight but hey that means less to read. Just a breezy look at two movies. A cult classic, and a steaming pile of hot trash.
Ginger Snaps (2000)

So Ginger Snaps is a Canadian cult body horror movie about two sisters. They’re loners, they love taking morbid death pictures of each other, and they’re highly misanthropic. I like them already. So the older sister, Ginger (Katharine Isabelle) gets attacked by a werewolf and then coincidentally gets her period the next day (her mother was worried because she was almost 16 and hadn’t gotten it yet). So this wasn’t a normal period this was actually her turning into a werewolf.

So now, this is a horror movie, but it’s also just a really interesting take on the teen coming-of-age movie that everyone loves so much. But with a lot of twists (besides the lycanthropy). Between the general characterization and the excellent writing, this is basically THE feminist horror movie. Ginger and her sister Brigitte (Emily Perkins) are some of the most atypical horror movie girls in the history of the genre. They are portrayed as highly intelligent, independent, resourceful, and all-around shockingly well-developed female characters. In a HORROR MOVIE! It’s GREAT! Also there’s kind of a male hero-type character but he doesn’t save the day or anything like that. And the only other prominent male characters in the movie are an easily-offended teacher and a douchebro jock who gets constantly shut down by Ginger.

It’s a great movie. It’s available to watch on hulu (I don’t know if you need Plus or whatever. I have it. It’s pretty cool I like it.) but it’s also definitely worth getting on blu ray or dvd (or VHS if you’re so inclined).

Sorority Row (2009)

Sorority Row is really bad. It has bad acting, awful writing, the most predictable plot I’ve seen in a while, and the most douche-y and obnoxious killer I have ever seen in a movie.

It was great.

Pretty much all but three characters have their death certificates signed by the 10 minute mark of the movie (Spoiler those three characters are the only survivors). It’s about some sorority girls and the one girl’s brother and they accidentally kill one of the girls and throw her body in a well and some number of months later some slasher comes and kills all but three and then that’s it.

But see. That is not why I watched the movie. I watched it because I have a soft spot in mt heart for unabashedly trashy slasher movies. Specifically 80s ones, which this is a remake of. There are some ok kills, but even then, that’s not entirely why I’m glad this movie exists. It’s not overly grisly or stylish. It’s not so disturbing or violent that priests want to burn the dvd. It’s just TRASH. It’s $1 movie bin slasher garbage and I love it. It’s the kind of movie you can just sit down with your friends, have some drinks, and laugh your way through.

And for that reason (and that reason alone), I recommend it.

Seriously though it’s awful garbage. I have no regrets.

Ok later.


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