Hey guys sorry this one is late (SCHOOLWORK OH MAN IT’S A REAL KILLER). I don’t have much of an intro today. Tomorrow I think I’ll have something not so typical. We’ll see. Also, again, expect my franchise retrospective sometime soon.
Cabin Fever (2002)

I am an Eli Roth fan. I really liked Hostel, Hostel 2, and The Green Inferno (however, what I watched of his show, Hemlock Grove, was GARBAGE. Hate that show). So, admittedly, I was pretty excited about watching this going in. Also, I actually started this movie years ago and, for some reason, never finished it. So I started it over from the beginning. I loved it.

So the movie is about these friends who decide to go camping in a cabin in the woods (never heard that one before). They stop at a little shack to get beer (Arrogant Bastard Ale! It’s great, and you should all try it) and run into some oddballs (including a hilarious old southern man who is my favorite character in the movie). Then they run into some weird diseased people, get the disease, it’s really gross, and everything is really gross. It’s great.

So if you couldn’t tell, it’s a pretty gross movie. I mean that. It’s disgusting. All kinds of fun goo and skin falling off and pus and blood and gore. But the movie is also hilarious. Seriously if you aren’t gagging, you’re laughing. It’s so fun.

The acting is OK, but it doesn’t really need to be fun. Eli Roth has a great cameo as a stoner named Grim (“Yeah he’s a doctor. OF BEING A DOG OOH FACED.”).

I love Cabin Fever, and you should too. That’s it for today. Sorry I haven’t had some many movies to talk about this year. I’m way busier. But I hope to have a post for every day of the month, at the very least.

Anyway later.


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