Hey so I have an idea. Instead of posting every day at around midnight, I’m just going to start posting every afternoon the movies I watched the previous day. That way, people can read it in the afternoon. NOW THAT THAT’S SETTLED I only got to watch one movie yesterday because of schoolwork and such, and I’ll probably only get one in today because I’m going out of town. So here is yesterday’s.
Jug Face (2013)

Today I watched Jug Face, a horror movie set in the wilderness of, I assume Tennessee because that’s where the movie was shot. It’s about a community if hillbillies who all worship this pit. They believe the pit can heal them but at the same time there’s a member of the community who communicates with the pit and, in a trance, he creates a jug head in the likeness of one of the residents of the community and when that happens the resident is sacrificed to the pit.

It follows a girl who has had enough with this whole tradition/ritual lifestyle with it’s predetermined marriages and all that stuff and so she is sort of quietly rebellious. I don’t want to spoil too much of the movie (which I always say but I will say it again) because it’s really good.

So this premiered at the SlamDance film festival a few years ago and the SlamDance film festival is good for movies that are sort of so unique usually, that distributors (at least big-name distributors) don’t really have any desire to pick them up because they aren’t necessarily “moneymakers” so this is more of a festival for people who have more odd or challenging and creative ideas that aren’t necessarily so popular in the mainstream. Jug Face is a great example of a movie that really you wouldn’t expect to see in the mainstream. It’s very stylish, it’s kind of experimental and it’s sort of in some ways very Lovecraftian.

If you didn;t already know from reading my other posts, I am a big fan of Lovecraftian horror. It’s based on the ideas and themes of H.P. Lovecraft’s old short stories from the early 1900s. Those themes usually include insanity, paranoia, cults, worship of some kind of ancient pagan elder god, etc. and this movie has quite a bit of that. This small community is basically a cult based around worshipping the pit which almost does sort of seem like and ancient pagan god. So I really liked that aspect of it.

It’s not a movie people usually talk about when they’re talking about Lovecraftian movies, but it definitely is one and I’ve said it before and will say it again: we need more Lovecraft movies. Both his style and actual adaptations of his works. They are perfect for modern horror (including mainstream horror), in my opinion.

Jug Face is basically hillbillies in the woods, worshipping an ancient god, doing crazy rituals. It’s kind of a SPOOKY movie, it;s a little bit like Shyamalan’s The Village, but in a good way. I thought that movie was awful, but it had some good ideas, which were all stolen from the book Running Out of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix (great book, but if you know the twist it’s kind of pointless. Fortunately I read it before I saw The Village and I was like “This plot is SO familiar.”). So I guess I should say Jug Face reminds me of the book Running Out of Time.

Jug Face is a great low-budget horror movie and it is on Netflix. Great performances, great writing, cool twists and turns, and a pretty unique storyline. Horror has, in my opinion, become a little stale lately (with a few excellent exceptions) with the same movie being released over and over, so it’s nice to see something like this (and many other great indie horrors) come out and sort of change the game a little. So I am a big fan of Jug Face.

And you should watch it.



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