31 DAYS OF HORROR – DAY 3 – The Green Inferno


The Green Inferno (2015)

So only one movie today, as I had to go about an hour away to see it. I admit that I expected to like this, so my opinion may be a bit biased (I’m also a fan of Eli Roth, which hints at the coming weeks), but I have to say I REALLY liked this movie.

So basically this movie is about a girl who joins an activist group who plans to go to South America to protest deforestation and the destruction of a local tribe. Then they’re in a plane crash and get taken to a fun little cannibal village and all kinds of fun and exciting things happen there.


So Roth decided to make a movie to just basically take the whole “I’m an American, my life is easy, I have enough money for survival AND luxury but I need to go save those poor people all over the place with my magical white people powers” concept and he put it on a slab and he chopped its arms and legs off. Literally and figuratively.

So you have cannibals, gore, blatant social commentary, but what else have you got for us Mr. Roth? WELL I WILL TELL YOU WHAT HE HAD. If you have seen Cabin Fever or Hostel 1 and/or 2, you’ll know what I mean. IT’S FUNNY. It is so funny. It is so funny that at a few points me and my friend were the only people laughing. I guess if you’re disturbed by a little bit of limb-chopping and cooking of human body parts you might be a little too disturbed to chuckle but damn it I laughed my ass off.

I mean the plot’s obvious, the acting is mediocre, and that’s all okay because it’s exactly as good as it needs to be to get its message across. And that message is if you think you’re the high and mighty American champion then you might just get eaten.

If I had to say anything bad about the movie it would be that it didn’t go far enough. I was hoping for more gore, blood, and things to make even the most desensitized squirm a little. And I did I definitely squirmed at one scene. BUT I WANT TO SQUIRM IN EVERY SCENE. But again that’s a minor complaint so yes I do recommend this movie. I loved it. Here’s a picture of a woman eating a tongue I’ll post again tomorrow.



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