31 Days of Horror – DAY 2



Hello friends. October 2nd has ended and October 3rd is upon us (in Eastern Standard Time anyway), which means it’s time for my daily report of the horror movies I had the pleasure of viewing today.

Spring (2015)

Spring is being marketed as Linklater meets Lovecraft. That’s an exciting comparison, as I am a big fan of both. It’s a cool genre-bending movie that combines body horror with some surprisingly well-done romance. And I hate romantic movies.

It’s about a young american named Evan (Lou Taylor Pucci from the Evil Dead remake!) whose mother dies and he gets in a bar fight so he decides to take a trip to Italy. While there he meets Louise (Nadia Hiker), a worldly Italian woman who is also super old and sometimes turns into an octopus or something. You’ll understand if you see the movie. Their love is challenged by the whole octopus thing. It sounds goofy as hell while I’m writing this, but trust me, it’s really well-done.

Anyway I’m a HUGE sucker for the Lovecraftian genre (if you can call it a genre). H.P. Lovecraft is probably my favorite author, and I feel that his stories and styles are PERFECTLY suited for cinema and it’s all criminally underused (and when it is it isn’t always very good). That being said, this is not extremely Lovecraftian. Like there are definitely some vibes here, but there are no elder gods or cults or insanity or anything like that. The actual Lovecraftian elements are really cool though, but to say too much would probably spoil too much.

So if the idea of a romance-horror movie intrigues you in any way at all, and you appreciate beautiful Italian vistas, great cinematography. great acting, and a romantic plot that is ACTUALLY engaging (for once), then this movie comes highly recommended. Don’t let my octopus comments intimidate you, it’s actually handled really well and never seems too goofy.

Deathgasm (2015)

So I guess today is my modern horror day, as both movies I’m talking about are from this year. That’s fine I’ll hit some classics too. Lot of month left.

Anyway Deathgasm is the new Horror-Comedy from New Zealand, the country that brought us the wonderful zombie sheep movie Black Sheep and well as Peter Jackson’s masterpiece, Dead-Alive. This movie is very much like those two movies.

Deathgasm is about Brodie (Milo Cawthorne), a high school metalhead whose mother has to be institutionalized. He is sent to a small town to live with his highly religious aunt and uncle and his jock/bully cousin. This is, predictably, not a great dynamic. Brodie meets up with two D&D fans and another metalhead, Zakk (James Blake). They form a metal band, find some demonic sheet music, and accidentally summon an army of demons who possess everybody in the town.

This movie is VERY violent. I’m talking demon chainsaw sodomy violent. It’s great. Buckets on buckets of blood and gore, topped off with a great metal soundtrack. I really don;t feel like I need to recommend this movie though. Where this movie is concerned, there are two types of people:

1. People who love gore, ultra-violence, metal, demon movies, and comedy.

2. People who don’t.

Both groups should see Deathgasm.

That’s it for today, stay tuned tomorrow for my 31 Days of Horror Day 3 The Green Inferno review celebration. If it’s good. If it’s bad it’s going to be the 31 Days of Horror Day 3 The Green Inferno review lamentation. I guess time will tell. UNTIL THEN STAY SPOOKY GUYS DRIVE SAFE.


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