Top 50 Movies of 2014 (Day 4 – 20-11)


Godzilla - Mar 2014
Everyone, I am sorry. I have delayed this drastically due to a number of reasons, but it’s mostly just school-work, forgetfulness, and forgetfulness. I may well put up the final day later today. I promise though, the Top 20 are great, and if you haven’t seen any of them, you should. All of them.

Anyway, the story so far:

50. The Interview
49. The Infinite Man
48. Pride
47. Rosewater
46. Top Five
45. Blue Ruin
44. The Theory of Everything
43. Still Alice
42. Cold in July
41. Wild
40. Edge of Tomorrow
39. Tracks
38. Obvious Child
37. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
36. Nymphomaniac
35. The LEGO Movie
34. Dear White People
33. Mr. Turner
32. A Most Violent Year
31. Selma
30. Big Hero 6
29. The Imitation Game
28. Gone Girl
27. X-Men: Days of Future Past
26. Leviathan
25. Interstellar
24. The Skeleton Twins
23. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
22. Only Lovers Left Alive
21. Foxcatcher


20. Two Days, One Night
The latest from the Dardennes, this movie is heartbreaking. It features one of Marion Cotillard’s best performances as a woman suffering from depression. She had to take leave from her company for a few months and, while she was away, the union leader held a vote that was between her getting her job back and the other employees receiving a bonus. She is able to convince them to cast a new vote without pressure from the union leader, but she now has to go an speak with each employee to plead her case. If she does not get her job back, she and her family will have to go on welfare. It’s a very raw, emotional movie.

19. Joe
It is so nice to see Nicolas Cage in a good movie. He has done precious few of late, which is sad because I’m a big Cage fan (when he’ good). Tye Sheridan from last year’s EXCELLENT Mud is in this as well, and he’s just as good in this as he was in that. It’s about a boy with a alcoholic bum father (played by deceased, unprofessional actor Gary Poulter, who the film was dedicated to and was his first and only acting role) who wants to get work at a sketchy tree-killing business owned by Joe (Cage), and ex-con with anger issues who wants to get back on the right track. Part-drama, part-thriller, it’s nice to see David Gordon Green getting back to what he’s good at instead of (crap like) Your Highness and The Sitter.

18. Ida
I was delighted (DELIGHTED WOW GOOD WORD WILL YOU SOUND SO FANCY) to see Ida won Foreign Film at the Oscars. It’s the story of a young orphaned Christian nun who finds out she was born to Jewish parents. She goes on a sort of self-finding journey to find out more about her family with her much more liberal aunt. She meets new people, and learns about new ways of life. Everything is beautifully framed in a classic-looking black-and-white style, even shot in 4:3 to make the movie appear as though it were made during the ’50s or earlier. It’s a great experience overall. And it’s on Netflix!

17. Starred Up
This is certainly Jack O’Connell’s rise. He was in the (terrible) 300 sequel, Unbroken (underrated, but I guess still not quite good enough to make my Top 50. It was GREAT though so you should still see it), and the upcoming ’71 (about a young soldier who gets stranded in Belfast during the Troubles). Anyway in this he plays a young hooligan who gets sent to prison. He’s highly confrontational so they put him in a group for prisoners who have trouble with their emotions, but his father is in the prison with him too. This movie is dark, gritty, realistic, upsetting, disturbing, and occasionally pretty funny, with what may be the best Jack O’Connell performance I’ve seen thus far.

16. Godzilla
Hey guys. How are you doing with the list so far? You enjoying it? I hope so. I know I am! Anyway this next entry is just a wonderf-YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEYYEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH YEAH YEAH YEAH OH YEAH YEAH YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

The Grand Budapest Hotel - 64th Berlin Film Festival
15. The Grand Budapest Hotel
AHEM. Apologies. I don’t know what came over me there. Anyway the Top 16 all deserve to be in my Top 10, but unfortunately a Top 10 only has room for 10 movies.

So I love Wes Anderson. I love all of his movies. He’s very odd and some people think his style is played-out, but obviously those people are cynical pompous garbage people because shut up look at all those Oscars TAKE THAT HIPSTERS. Anyway it’s about the maitre’d named Gustav of this great old hotel and his lobby boy. An old lady leaves Gustav a painting and her family is all pissy and they chase him around and it’s hilarious and exciting.

14. Locke
So this is a movie where Tom Hardy sporting a Welsh accent drives and talks on the phone for about two hours. That’s all that happens. So the fact that you can get SO invested in this movie is extremely impressive. It’s basically a man’s life falling apart in the span of one relatively short drive. You have to watch it to believe it, but believe it, watch it.

13. John Wick
His wife dies. She leaves him a puppy. They kill his puppy. He kills all of them. ALL OF THEM.

It’s nice to see that Keanu Reeves still COMPLETELY has it. Completely. This was easily the fourth best action movie of the year (did he say FOUR?! THIS IS NUMBER 13. THERE ARE STILL 3 ACTION MOVIES LEFT. THIS GUY MUST LOVE ACTION.)

Seriously. Reeves does almost all (if not all) of his own stunts (which. See the movie. That’s incredible.). The plot isn’t that deep, but what IS deep is the world-building. This almost feels like a sequel with how well it feels like we already know the characters in this movie. I’d be very happy to hear about another movie SOMEHOW related to this.

12. A Most Wanted Man
This is a great modern-day political thriller that was COMPLETELY 100% IGNORED by the Academy. Super salty about this one. It’s also one of Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s final films, and simultaneously one of his best. Which is sad. But also he left with a great movie. Anyway it’s about German government agents trying to track down this Muslim guy who they suspect of terrorism. It’s way deeper than that, but big spoiler territory.

11. Inherent Vice
The first time I watched this movie, I knew I liked it, but I didn’t really know what had happened. I loved the look, and the feel, and the sound of it. However, the plot was all over the place. Then I watched it again and I got it. It’s an excellent movie about a private investigator trying to help his ex-girlfriend keep her new man from being killed. But then there’s some crazy stuff with heroin, nazi bikers, the FBI, and Josh Brolin eating pancakes shouting in fake Japanese. It’s easily one of the most stylish movies of the year, and Paul Thomas Anderson is one of the best directors out there. It’s worth a watch, and it’s also worth a second watch.

Okay so that’s it for today. I might do the end of the list today, but if I don’t have time, it may not be until Monday. Oh well. Bye.


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