TOP 50 MOVIES OF 2014 (DAY 3 – 30-21)


HELLO ALL! We are on Day 3 of the list of top 50 movies of 2014! The list so far:

50. The Interview
49. The Infinite Man
48. Pride
47. Rosewater
46. Top Five
45. Blue Ruin
44. The Theory of Everything
43. Still Alice
42. Cold in July
41. Wild
40. Edge of Tomorrow
39. Tracks
38. Obvious Child
37. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
36. Nymphomaniac
35. The LEGO Movie
34. Dear White People
33. Mr. Turner
32. A Most Violent Year
31. Selma

Anyway here we go with the list.

30. Big Hero 6
Winner of Best Animated at the Oscars, this movie totally deserved it. Based (VERY loosely) on the Marvel comic series of the same name, this is a prime example of how Disney and Marvel can work closely together to create a great product. Hugely successful and very entertaining, Big Hero 6 is a great movie regardless of how old you are.

29. The Imitation Game
The tragic true (with embellishments) story of Alan Turing, The Imitation Game is a perfect prestige movie. Oscar bait from the start, it follows Alan Turing’s life and his work in World War II on the ENIGMA code and his building of the first computer, while also telling the less well-known story of his secret homosexuality, for which he was chemically castrated and eventually killed himself (or did he?) over. Benedict Cumberbatch gives his best performance as the tortured genius and father of modern metaphysics.

28. Gone Girl
Wow. What a ROLLER COASTER RIDE. This is one of those movies that, when you first see it, you have NO IDEA what is coming (provided you didn’t read the book first) and every twist and turn is deeper and deeper into the twisting narrative of this excellently-crafted and extraordinarily-written psychological thriller. To reveal too much of the plot would be to spoil the plot, so I’ll give a very brief summary. Ben Affleck’s girlfriend disappears in what appears to be a kidnapping. That’s all I’ll say, and if that didn’t grab your attention, I apologize. But believe me the movie is incredible.

27. X-Men: Days of Future Past
Some say X2 is the best, some say this one is the best. I say they’re tied. I can’t possibly choose. But I passionately loved this movie. It bounces between the future and the past (hence the title) and it’s about Wolverine going back into the mind of himself in the 1970s and tracking down a younger Professor X and Magneto and trying to get them to work together to stop the building of the Sentinels (mutant hunting robots) so that they can keep the horrible future where mutants are oppressed and killed from happening. I love this movie so much oh it’s so good oh my.

26. Leviathan
A Russian film about the perils of challenging corrupt, small-town Russian government officials. This is the most hopeless, joyless movie I have seen this year, and is one of the least cheerful movies I’ve ever seen. It’s a man against a giant boulder that crushes him with every move he makes. It’s really good though and you should watch it.

25. Interstellar
Okay. It has kind of a dumb ending. Like not ENDING ending, that part is AWESOME. I just mean the reasoning for certain events that transpire toward the end. The motivations if you will. However odd, dumb logic aside, the ending (again not the END end) was AMAZING looking. And it was just a really cool, emotional, visually amazing movie that I loved. Absolutely loved it. Not Nolan’s best, nor his worst. It’s a solid entry into the filmography of a fantastic filmmaker.

24. The Skeleton Twins
A movie that opens with a brother and sister each attempting suicide in different places at the same time, only for one to be interrupted by a call from the hospital because of the other, this is not the usual fare we’ve come to expect from SNL alums Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig. A serious, often very sad, often very funny dramedy, it’s a great movie to watch if you like seeing actors step out of their comfort zones and into a role that requires serious acting chops. And these two actors pull it off beautifully.

23. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
God that was a good movie. Better than the first, which I LOVED. But while the first was sort of a metaphysical attempt at analyzing the short bridge between Man and Chimpanzee, this movie was about Chimpanzee dominating man. It poses the theory that if Chimpanzees, with their superior strength and agility, were as intelligent as humans, would we really live on a PLANET OF THE APES?!

Though technically it already is a planet of the apes, as humans are apes.

22. Only Lovers Left Alive
I love Jim Jarmusch. He could make a deodorant commercial and I’d buy it on DVD. This is his minimalist movie about centuries-old vampires just sort of… hanging out. That’s pretty much it. There are two vampires who are in love but live apart. Then one moves back, and they just hang out and talk and listen to music. Then another vampire comes and she’s crazy. Then eventually she leaves. Really, very little happens in this movie. It’s extremely relaxed and effortlessly cool. It’s a movie you can just sit back and relax and watch. Very pleasant. Them being vampires is almost coincidental.

21. Foxcatcher
This is Steve Carrell’s best performance to date. Not only his, but Channing Tatum’s as well. And I wish he would get more attention for this role, because he deserves it. Channing Tatum is an actor I never expected to take seriously, even after I stopped hating him and started loving his comedies. His dramatic turn as a coked-out former Olympic wrestler in the grip of a madman is thrilling from start to finish. It’s a great thriller, with fantastic performances and spectacular camerawork.

Okay so that’s it for today. Two more days of this and then my month (minus 3 days) of action movies starts.


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