This time of year! An Academy Awards primer



Hello everyone sorry for the hiatus! It is Oscar season and I have been hard at work watching all of the necessary films for my predictions! I hope to have them to you earlier than ever this year, and I think I just may be able to make good on that! Anyway I’m making this introductory post to talk about a few of the movies that I think will be nominated. I’ll also spend a bit on acting and other things. This shouldn’t be an extraordinarily long post, so no worries on that.

Anyway I’m going to start of with Best Picture and how I think that’s going to look. There are a few guarantees. I promise that you will see nominations for Boyhood, Birdman, The Imitation Game. Those three have gotten pretty much every major non-Oscar nomination in the game, so they’re something of a lock. Now, aside from those, we’ll most likely be seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Theory of Everything, and Selma. They just all seem very likely. After that, however many spots remain to be filled, I’m thinking you’ll see any of the following: American Sniper, Gone Girl, Foxcatcher, Whiplash, Big Eyes, and Nightcrawler.

Now, there are always dark horse candidates and I’m going to talk about them. When it comes to the dark horses, there are one of two reasons for me to consider them a “dark horse” candidate. Either they were well-received critically and have gone unappreciated, unnoticed, or forgotten in awards season (A Most Wanted Man, Mr. Turner, A Most Violent Year, Guardians of the Galaxy, Starred Up, Snowpiercer), or there was a ton of awards hype for them and then when the movie actually came out, it disappointed critically (Unbroken).

My pick is for Birdman but I’ll obviously let you know for sure once the nominations come out.

Now the acting this year is either achingly obvious or neck and neck. In categories like Best Actress, they may as well just give it to Julianne Moore (Still Alice) now and stop wasting time. However in Best Actor, it’s kind of anyone’s game, but it’s basically between Michael Keaton (Birdman) and Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything). My money’s on Keaton.

As far as Supporting goes, for Actor, I see it as basically a race between Steve Carrell (Foxcatcher) and J.K. Simmons (Whiplash). Now, if you know me in real life and have spoken to me in the last couple days, you won’t be surprised when I tell you that J.K. Simmons in Whiplash is, from what I’ve seen, my favorite acting performance of the year. Steve Carrell completely changes himself, his voice, his mannerisms, and everything to become unrecognizable as John du Pont, but in my opinion, nothing else I have seen this year matches the power, rage, and passion of J.K. Simmons performance as insane band conductor/teacher Terence Fletcher. It’s also likely you’ll see Ed Norton (Birdman) and Ethan Hawke (Boyhood), but I feel like they’re long shots to win. My support is fully behind J.K. Simmons on this. It’s probably the strongest I’ve felt about an Oscar in years.

For Supporting Actress, expect Patricia Arquette (Boyhood) to take it home. If I were a betting man, that’s who I would go with. However, I’m rooting for Emma Stone, as her performance in Birdman was one of the best of the year.

I’m only doing those five categories for now. I’ll see you on January 16 when the nominees are announced for my pre-predictions!


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