31 Days of Horror! Day 22


Hello we have reached day 22 of my month-long horror series. I’ve cut back to two movies a day pretty much because watching three movies in one day is a little draining. Also sorry this is so late. I have no excuse. And I’m also not on any kind of schedule so stop trying to run my life.

maniac cop 1
Maniac Cop (1988)
Okay so this is a really simple, basic, old school action horror from the 80s. It isn’t really anything special, but it’s also not just some run-of-the-mill slasher. It also has Bruce Campbell, which gives it like. At least three bonus points.

Anyway so people are getting murdered and there are suspicions that it’s a COP! The lead detective on the case investigates, people keep dying, and suddenly a conspiracy begins to form. There are suspicions that Bruce Campbell’s character is the killer, but he’s super obviously a patsy. So someone inside the department is either the murderer, or they are helping the murderer. BUT WHO COULD IT BE?!

This movie is fun and entertaining. It’s not particularly scary, and it’s honestly almost more of an action movie than a horror movie, but it’s super good. It benefits from being sort of a little bit unpredictable ,with a couple of surprising twists throughout. Overall it’s kind of mediocre, but worth it for the action scenes, the sort of “whodunnit” mystery, and BRUCE CAMPBELL.

100 Bloody Acres (2013)
This is an Australian splatter comedy. And BOY HOWDY is it both. There’s some great splattering, much gore, and the whole situation is very funny.

So we have our young, Australian protagonist hauling a dead body out of a car. Our hero is a blood and bone fertilizer salesman, but the blood and bone he uses isn’t always roadkill. Well though I guess even a human body on the road is roadkill if it were killed on the road. Oh man I’m getting off topic. Anyway some British tourists in the backwoods of Australia and they are on their way to a concert festival but their car breaks down. It’s really not a unique setup. So anyway the girl woos the fertilizer guy and so her two male friends have to ride in the back and they see the body and everything basically goes downhill from there.

This movie was hilarious. Not quite Tucker and Dale vs. Evil funny, but a similar film. It has all the trappings of a cult classic. It is COVERED in gruesome gore, the humor is dark and varies from goofy slapstick, so totally non-sequitur, to that nameless type of humor that’s just people basically covered in blood and gore in a life-threatening situation, but all they are worried about are petty little things like fidelity. Also that might have been a run-on sentence but this isn’t being graded so take your concerns elsewhere.

Anyway again, sorry I’m so late. Today’s should be up later tonight, but no promises.


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