31 Days of Horror! Day 18


Hello it is the morning after the 18th day of my daily postings. I have two very different movies for you today, but rest assured they were both excellent in their own right. It’s been very exciting lately because a lot of good horror movies are coming out on itunes and ondemand and such so I get some brand new ones to talk about.

The first is not brand new it’s from 1990.

Bride of Re-Animator (1990)
Brian Yuzna’s 1990 film is a sequel to Stuart Gordon’s 1985 masterpiece Re-Animator. It is not as good as the first. However, this is no great tragedy. Firstly, is the second greatest garlic bread in the world not still delicious? Is my second favorite movie of all-time, Trainspotting, not still a masterpiece? Exactly. So Bride of Re-Animator is excellent in its own right.

Anyway Bride picks up near where the last left off, though now we find Herbert West and Dan Cain in South American honing their skills as field medics (and also running their secret experiments). While the first film was about Dr. Herbert West attempting to re-animate the dead, this is about him attempting to create a human life (à la Victor Frankenstein). When they return to Arkham, USA, Herbert convinces the ever-hesitant Dan to help him by showing him the heart of his dead girlfriend, Meg (from the first movie. Spoilers for a 29 year old movie during which I am discussing the sequel) and saying her heart can beat again. Dan agrees to help so they begin stealing from the morgue. Herbert, meanwhile, has been creating chimeras to bring to life (such as an arm-leg, a dog with a human arm, and the weird finger eye thing pictured at the start of this article).

This movie is just as funny, gory, and gross as the first, but it’s a little less intelligent and feels “same-y” at points. This isn’t really a bad thing as it’s so mindlessly entertaining, but if you want a truly great, smart gore movie, stick with the first. Jeffrey Combs and Bruce Abbott are both just as good as they were in the first as Herbert and Dan, respectively. The movie is covered in gore and body parts and fake blood and stop motion and incredible make-up and cheesy performances and just one giant sense of excess and I loved every minute of it. So I will leave you with this: absolutely watch the original. If you love the original, wait a year or two and come back to Bride of Re-Animator and I think you’ll appreciate it as much as I did.

Housebound (2014)
Housebound is one of those rare horror movies that balances comedy, good creepy moments, great dialogue, and actual developed human characterization with all the skill of a cat on a wire over lava. It’s everything you would want in a modern horror movie, and the sum of its parts is pure entertainment.

After a failed attempt at robbing an ATM, former drug addict Kylie is forced to move back in with her mom for 8 months for in-house arrest. Her mother, she finds out, believes the house is haunted. At first she thinks her mother is crazy, but then she starts noticing odd things and one night something grabs her foot in the basement. Enter Amos, the full-time security officer in charge of her ankle monitor and part-time paranormal investigator. Amos and Kylie decide to do some amateur investigating and discover that a girl was murdered in Kylie’s bedroom. The rest of the movie I will leave to you because you should absolutely watch it.

This movie was funny so often but it was always a pretty subtle humor (besides one scene toward the end which I laughed at for a good few minutes). You’ll have a couple of little lines or body language or a facial expression that is just so perfect that you crack up and it’s so nice that all the actors were able to convey that type of humor. It’s very rare, especially in comedy horror (not to diss comedy horror I love it but a lot of the time they are just going for slapstick, which again is wonderful but this is a nice, refreshing spin on it). The story is phenomenal as well and watching Kylie grow through this experience is really one of the most impressive aspects of the film, in my opinion. Also the backstories of the characters and learning events from a few different characters’ perspectives is enlightening as well. That’s another rarity in horror (mostly modern horror, especially the mainstream garbage), good character development. Usually the characters are just archetypal fodder for the blade of the villain. It’s just really one of the most impressive modern horror movies I’ve seen since probably last year’s You’re Next. And that’s a huge compliment from me.

Anyway that’s it for today. Expect my franchise post any day now and expect TODAY’S post either late tonight or early tomorrow morning. Early as in like 11. Like today. Actually probably not because I will have class in the morning. So it will probably be tonight. Nobody cares and I don’t know why I’m still typing. Bye.


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