31 Days of Horror! Day 14


Wolfcop (2014)
Hello I am finally caught up to the day I’m supposed to be caught up to. Finally. I watched Wolfcop today. Wolfcop is like American Werewolf in London meets RoboCop in small-town Canada. You know, it takes a certain kind of movie to make me this happy upon finishing. Wolfcop is that kind of movie.

It’s about alcoholic deputy Lou Garou (I love this movie so much) who goes into the woods to investigate a disturbance and gets turned into a werewolf by a cult. So he becomes Wolfcop. And he fights crime as an alcoholic werewolf police officer.

This is one of the greatest movies ever made and I am a better person for having seen it. Horror comedy is a difficult genre to get right, but this movie got it so, so right. You have funny social commentary, funny lines in general, PUNS, violence and gore (dat werewolf transformation MMM), and over-the-top just about everything.

To call this movie out on its flaws is to tell an actor that the foolish character he is playing is a fool. You don’t need to tell him that. That’s the point of the character.

The practical effects and make-up are awesome. The gore is beautiful. The characters are hilarious. AND THE PUNS ARE ENDLESS!!!!

Anyway now that I’m back on track I should have one or two movies to talk about tomorrow. Buh bye.


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