31 Days of Horror! Day 8



Hello I have been doing this for 8 days now! Jeez. I might start writing the day’s post the next day rather than at night because I find it easier to organize my thoughts earlier in the day. Whatever anyway I watched two movies today. André Øvredal’s Trollhunter and Ryuhei Kitamura’s The Midnight Meat Train (starring Academy Award nominee Bradley Cooper!).


Trollhunter (2011)
Trollhunter is a Norwegian found footage mockumentary about a college film crew who attempts to uncover the secret of an unlawfully-killed bear. Believing the culprit to be a strange, reclusive man in a land rover, they follow him until he eventually reveals to him that he is a troll hunter. He tells them they can document him provided they abide his rules. They don’t believe he is actually a troll hunter until, of course, they meet their first troll. From there, they document his search for the cause of all of the troll issues Norway has been having and why it’s such a big secret.

This could very well be the greatest entry into the found footage genre. It is pure entertainment, completely engaging from start to finish. It has some wonderful lore, great fantasy elements, impeccable dry humor, and some genuinely frightening, suspenseful moments. This is the kind of movie you can watch 100 times and never get tired of. It’s a movie you watch once and you suddenly think of all the people you know who you want to share it with. I was in a wonderful mood upon finishing the movie. It’s just that good, that entertaining.

It’s on Netflix so what are you waiting for?

The Midnight Meat Train (2008)
Based on a story by Clive Barker (of Hellraiser fame), Ryuhei Kitamura’s The Midnight Meat Train stars Bradley Cooper as a photographer who takes pictures of morbid events as they happen, such as a man suddenly dying on a train or the start of a rape/mugging (which he subsequently stops). After a girl he saves goes missing, he starts to suspect a butcher (Vinnie Jones) he continually sees. The butcher, meanwhile, absolutely killed her, no spoiler there it’s the whole plot I mean Vinnie Jones is right there on the cover. The REAL craziness comes at the end.

This is by far the goriest movie I’ve watched so far for this series. Eyes popping out, necks broken, Achilles tendons treated like a worm on a fishhook. All that is great and fun and I laughed wholeheartedly HOWEVER, this movie is not what you think it is. As you go deeper and deeper into the movie the questions grow and sanity unfolds and everything starts to seem simultaneously more and less meaningful. It’s all very Lovecraftian. It also features Vinnie Jones’ best performance (full disclosure: he doesn’t say much). Your best bet watching this one is online or picking it up on the cheap. I have it, if I know you I will lend it to you.

That was it for today because I had to watch TWO of my stories tonight. I have no idea what I’ll be in the mood for tomorrow. Maybe something classic and something new. Contrast it a little bit. You know.


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