31 Days of Horror!



Hello! I know I haven’t posted anything since April and I never really followed up on my little awards thing, but eh. I’m just going to not ever do that…

Anyway! I’ve decided to do a little 31 days of horror special in honor of Halloween and October and the fact that Horror is my favorite genre. I’m going to watch AT LEAST one horror movie per day in October, and then post about it (them) on here. So I guess we’ll start with Day 1! Which was yesterday. I watched two movies, Sinister and The Frighteners. Let’s get started okay.

The Frighteners
Directed by Peter Jackson in 1996, The Frighteners follows Frank Bannister (Michael J. Fox), a psychic detective who can see ghosts. He uses the ghosts to scam people into paying him to basically be a Ghostbuster. Then people start mysteriously dying and he investigates.

I loved this movie. You could definitely tell it was Peter Jackson. There was overacting (in the best possible way), there were some phenomenal practical effects and make-up. There were also a great many pretty melodramatic zooms, which Peter Jackson does in basically all of his pre-LOTR movies.

The highlight for me was Jeffrey Combs as the insane FBI paranormal investigator. He could switch between amusingly awkward and creepy to pretty convincingly menacing at the drop of a hat. It’s definitely reminiscent of his performance as Herbert West in Re-Animnator (Confession: Re-Animator is one of my all-time favorite movies).

The Frighteners is available on Netflix as well as your local movie streaming sites.


Movie #2: Sinister
Ethan Hawke plays a true crime writer who the police don’t like because he’s critical of their failures in his books. He moves into a murder house, doesn’t tell his family, finds some weird snuff films on Super 8 film in the attic and watches them. Weird things begin to happen.

Basic plot for a horror movie with a few pretty cool twists. I wasn’t too impressed with the ending, as it was a little easy and predictable. However, the movie was phenomenally made. Most of the shots in the film elicited a real sense of dread and suspense, and a few of the jump scares actually got me (which is rare because I’m not an INFANT). My biggest object of praise in this movie, however, is the sound design. Both the music choice and audio effects were perfect and terrifying. If the overall movie would have been as good as the sound design, we’d have a contender for one of the great modern horror films. However, due to the ending and some other odd choices in the plot, it’s reduced to being still a pretty good movie, but forgettable.

Oh also the opening scene is one of the most amazing openings in horror.

Anyway that’s day one hey hi okay. Day 2 will come probably tomorrow as it’s only noon and I’m just starting my first movie of the day. Bye bye happy October.


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